Aquatic Therapy

Our state-of-the-art Swim Ex pool offers variable depths and water flow resistance to customize the exercise and activity of the program for your specific injury or condition.

Aquatic Therapy helps to reduce pain during exercise and aids in shorter recovery times.
The buoyancy of the water supports and unloads you giving greater movement and exercise capacity when your spine or joints are limited by pain or weakness. Often, individuals with a high pain level, weight-bearing restrictions, post-operative precautions, or generally limited function with normal daily activities, respond favorably to aquatic therapy.
This nearly weightless and supported exercise environment offers you a range of intensity options, from complete relaxation to intense sports training. This allows us to customize your therapy program to your specific needs and comfort level.

Aqua Therapy also allows for an earlier start to therapy, is typically less painful, and gives patients the ability to move freely in ways that would not be possible on land.
There are three unique features of Aquatic therapy that make it ideal if you have a restricted weight-bearing status after surgery:

  • Buoyancy – water decreases the gravity placed on weak limbs unable to bear much weight and makes it easier for a patient to move with less stress on joints, muscles, and bones.
  • Water pressure helps blood circulation in the legs and can reduce swelling in the patients’ ankles and feet.
  • Resistance – water provides a full body workout to strengthen every working muscle.
    Muscle tone, weight reduction, and sensory awareness all improve with Aquatic therapy.

Aquatic Therapy Is Available Only At Our Fort Worth Location

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